Call for papers Liinc em Revista Dossier: “Knowledge Organization: social and political agendas and their historical conflicts”

Liinc em Revista is inviting submission of articles, subject to double-blind evaluation, for publication in Vol. 14, n. 2 (November 2018). We accept unpublished articles in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

This issue will present a dossier on “Platform economy and new collaborative forms of production”, organized by Guest Editors Gustavo Saldanha (Ibict), Rosali Fernandez de Souza (Ibict), and Luana Sales (CNEN), within the topics proposed below.

Topics: Knowledge Organization between science and society; the social and political dimensions of classification; dialogical approaches to knowledge organization ; information and communication technologies and emerging social and political agendas; cultural diversity and the instruments of information retrieval and knowledge management: thesauri, classification schemes, taxonomies and other models of knowledge organization; Semantic Web and knowledge organization systems: ontologies, linked data, SKOS, representational languages (RDF, OWL, RIF, EARL). Technologies of information and communication, mutations of the web (internet of things, big data). Modeling of knowledge in scenarios of social conflicts; social indexing, folksonomy and representation of otherness; knowledge representation and decoloniality; declassification and critical epistemology of the knowledge organization; methods and techniques of knowledge organization oriented towards social transformation; ethics in, for and on knowledge organization ; social movements, intersectionality and alternative approaches to knowledge representation; gender and knowledge organization; affirmative actions and knowledge organization.

Apart from the dossier, we also accept articles and reviews on other topics within the range of interest of Liinc em Revista.

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